Rother Valley MP says digital access cutbacks are another example of Government punishing the poor

New figures have revealed a crisis of public computers cuts across Yorkshire and Humberside, writes Sir Kevin Barron MP.

Friday, 22nd March 2019, 6:00 am

In all, 529 computers have been lost from libraries in Yorkshire and Humberside since 2010, and 91 Jobcentre computers have been cut since 2014.

This is a digital exclusion double-whammy that punishes the poorest in our society, especially as Universal Credit applications are moved online.

One in five unemployed people do not have access to the internet.

Sir Kevin Barron MP. Photo: Richard Maude

This comes following recent Lloyds Bank research showing that eight percent of the population have zero digital skills.

Public library and Jobcentre closures are causing a crisis of cuts to public computers.

This is a digital exclusion double- whammy.

One in five people out of work don’t have access to the internet, and under this Tory Government there are fewer and fewer places for them to turn.

For people who need to fill in Universal Credit or job applications, access to a computer is essential.

Computer cuts are yet another example of the vicious cycle of Tory austerity.

Also, this week Lee Rowley MP yesterday presented a bill that would require fracking operators to monitor seismic activity caused by fracking and take steps

if such activity exceeds certain levels.

Many in the industry have indicated very clearly that they want those limits raised.

I will continue to support Lee with the development of the Bill and will support it if it ever comes to a vote.