MP praises teachers and students after improved results from Bassetlaw primary schools

Just before Christmas, key stage two results for 2018 were published, writes John Mann MP.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 1st February 2019, 6:30 am

These figures give us an understanding how local primary schools are performing.

In Bassetlaw there has been an improvement since last year in the proportion of pupils achieving the expected standard in reading, writing and mathematics

John Mann MP

In Bassetlaw, there are 25 out of 43 primary schools have seen this increase.

I would like to thank the hard-working teachers and the commitment and focus of the students who have achieved these improved results.

One of things that we can value about this area is the high quality of teachers who make such a difference to our children’s lives.

The modern school buildings across Bassetlaw also make a huge difference to how students learn and behave.

It is brilliant to see that the investment from 15 years ago continues to have a positive impact on school results and performance.

This week, there were a number of votes in Parliament on Brexit.

I have always been very clear that I will not support any attempt to block or delay Brexit.

The people of Bassetlaw and Britain voted to leave the

European Union and this must happen on March 29.

I voted against extending Article 50 as I believe it is absurd to delay Brexit any further.

Extending Article 50 would mean that we would be required to run another set of European Parliament Elections which will be a complete waste of time, effort and expense.

This is not what the people of Bassetlaw voted for in 2016 and I will continue to vote in Parliament to ensure that the deadline of March 29 is maintained.

March last year saw Bassetlaw freeze up as the Beast from the East blasted the UK.

There is yet to be heavy snow this winter but things will be pretty icy over the next few days.

Black ice and slippery pavements are a risk so please take care.

This is also the time check on neighbours if they are not able to leave their homes and make sure they are keeping warm.