MP John Mann vows to stand firm despite being told ‘I hope you starve to death’ over his backing for Brexit

It’s been a week that has seen a nest of vipers emerge from the grass to spit out their poison via emails, posts, phone calls, writes John Mann MP.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 8th February 2019, 4:04 pm
Updated Saturday, 9th February 2019, 9:37 am

One charming man, who was a bit posh, rang to say ‘I hope that you starve to death’.

He meant me, but ‘you’ could also be meant to be all of you in Bassetlaw, in my opinion.

John Mann MP

Lots of people have been calling me and you ‘thick’, idiots’ and ‘stupid’ for daring to vote for Brexit.

One charmer demanded that money be shifted to Remain-voting areas because ‘they are better educated’.

I, of course, am called a ‘traitor’, and a ‘betrayer’ for voting through Britain leaving the EU.

Local people tend to be far more civilised in their arguments, and the ‘charming’ cowards who are happy to give out the personal abuse are rarely willing to leave their phone number or address.

Some, though, actually are a bit thick.

Let me give them some friendly advice.

If they abuse me, or worse, my staff and leave their details, and this at times has included their work email address, I am prepared to contact their employer.

After all, who would want to employ a cowardly thuggish abuser? I think employers have a right to know.

And if it’s violent threats then it is appropriate that police action or civil action through the courts is taken.

So this is fightback week, where I expose some of these nasty little cowards and let them know that if they attack me, then they are attacking the good people of Bassetlaw, and it is then my duty to respond, politely but strongly.

And I will.

For better or for worse, Bassetlaw, like the country, voted for Brexit.

Seventy per cent of people in Bassetlaw made that choice and I will see this through.

I am also being attacked for demanding money for this area.

This is mainly by London MPs who have had more cash for Crossrail than Bassetlaw has had in 100 years.

Well let me be quite clear and unapologetic about this.

It is Bassetlaw’s turn now and I will demand good money for this area from whoever is in power. I trust you are all backing me in this.