Where’s the Christmas tree?

Rather than all the money being spent on Fireworks that last a hour, wouldn’t a tree and lights benefit more of the village through the month of December.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 20th December 2013, 8:30 am

Last Christmas I asked Anston Parish Council what they would be doing about providing a lit up outdoor Christmas tree in Anston, I was told they would investigate further. This is something that Sandra Wallhead has been trying to get for the last six years.

The excuse we have is that it would cost too much to connect to a electrical outlet, but other councils manage it OK. The right hand side of the hill coming up the Baulk or across the road from the Cutler pub where the pond used to be would create a great location. I understand that the Friends of Greenland Park offered to purchase the tree.

I noticed in the latest Anston news letter that the Parish Chairman is saying how great it is that the council purchase the piece of land on Ratford Rd, “which was already protected from being built on by builders”. When purchase of the Plaxton’s site, to ensure that it was developed for a town civic centre for the benefit of all in Anston, would have been a better investment for our future, this land would then have provided a residual income for the village.

We need a change of direction on the parish council and for people to be of more an Independent mind.

Yours in anticipation


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