What’s the next step Mrs Cutts?

In last week’s Guardian, we were subjected to an extraordinary exercise in evasion by routed Conservative leader Kay Cutts.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 29th November 2013, 8:00 am

She sought refuge in an innumerate rant to avoid dealing with the important issues that I raised on 1st November.

Prior to this year’s county council elections, we were told that Notts County Council would face its funding being slashed by £133m - fact! After Mrs Cutts’ Conservatives had been thrown out at the ballot box, we were told that an extra £21m would be cut, £154m in total - fact!

This deficit is largely due to the government’s decision not to collect the tax from wealthy tax dodgers living abroad or large companies which are now in the habit of informing the government what they’re prepared to pay!

I ask again, will Mrs Cutts publish the details of her efforts to prevent this extra penalty? Will she inform our local paper and every other paper she has been writing to, of the following information:

1. What effect she, on behalf of Nottinghamshire Conservatives has made to prevent this bullying?

2. Explain the local Conservative detailed counter proposals?

3. List the times, dates and places that she has met government ministers to object to us being victimised for exercising our democratic rights (we’ve just had Poppy Day)?

4. Publish in full, the detailed responses from ministers to the points in question two? It may not take much to work out ‘That if there’s a financial problem, certain things must be done in order to solve it’.

5. What do we owe?

6. How much have we got?

7. How much do others owe us and what extra efforts are we making to collect that?

Nowhere in her bossy, innumerate harangue of the people of Nottinghamshire is there the slightest evidence that she is even aware of point four. Meanwhile local folk, hard working, law abiding UK domiciled taxpaying patriots are having even greater burdens heaped on them to solve a crisis that they didn’t cause!

All the while, Mrs Cutts’ friends, billionaire tax exiles, lolling in hammocks in the Bahamas text the prime minister on what a super job he is doing! Mrs Cutt’s agrees!