The upset of a break in!

My granddaughter’s house was broken into five weeks ago. The man that broke into it was caught and received 10 weeks in prison.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 17th January 2014, 8:11 am

After five weeks, he is now out and about again. He caused damage costing £220 which she had to pay to a locksmith to repair the lock . The break in was at 1am and the locksmith was going to charge £800 if he had to turn up at that time of a morning.

My granddaughter has got two children, one four and a half and one eight. Both are very frightened to be anywhere in the house on their own. The mother isn’t much better herself, that’s three traumatised people caused by a stupid druggie who is well known around the Sandy Lane area for doing these break in jobs.

Does he work for a locksmith and why only 10 weeks when he’s only going to do five! That is like a holiday to him, a rest centre to recharge the stupid addled brain of this thoughtless and useless individual.

Perhaps if the magistrates and judges had their home broke into when the children and grandchildren are present, they might give a real sentence of five years!

Geoff Stevens

Hardwick Crescent,