The Derbyshire challenge

Following your article in the Guardian on 17th January, isn’t it funny how things never change.

Saturday, 25th January 2014, 12:01 pm

The Government is cutting our grants, inflation, greater demand on services, they forgot to throw in the fact that the other political parties were also to blame.

As part of this new initiative is there any focus on a positive approach to any of the current budgetary systems that are in place and also the use of resources both human and material.

Firstly, wouldn’t it be good if a system we’re introduce whereby various departments or areas could suggest and implement cost savings measures and be given say 10% of the total saved. The public and the staff would both be better off. We are not talking about major issues, it could be as simple as switching lights off or not leaving equipment on standby all night. Do we need to replace vehicles or equipment so regularly, can equipment or unused materials be recycled to other areas? If it can incentive the idea again to everybody’s benefit.

Do the council realise that the Government are also a major employer by way of paying benefits to good people who for one reason or another are not working? Is it not possible that they could work together in a positive way to arrange for volunteers to help to support local services that are currently stretched. Surely it would help everybody and give people an opportunity to help until jobs do become available.

Finally, instead of trying to score points off each other, it would be nice if councillors could put there efforts into looking at these positive aspects which at least try to maintain services rather than ask us what we would like to do without. I suspect the deaf ears will be out in force again and there will be an increase in the reports of flying pigs, but I do hope not.

I look forward to your comments.

Ron Carney

(via email)