Roundabout remedy is just a sticking plaster

So the brilliant omadhauns who first designed the route of the Worksop by-pass have at last realised what a fiasco they created in the design of The Millhouse Roundabout and now offer a £3m sticking plaster remedy when it needs urgent surgery. Mixing local and through traffic is a recipe for congestion and that’s what we have had for the 25 or so years of it’s construction. Think of the untold millions of pounds it’s cost motorists and commercial traffic in addition to the added pollution and noise for the local residents. Road planners have been aware for many years of the inadequacy of the single level road junction at major intersections resulting in the upgrading of the A1 at Five Lane Ends and Markham Moor to split level from single level junctions. The above named people who designed the A57 Worksop by-pass would have assumed that traffic from the M1 to the A1 would use the long way round via the M18/A1(M) to the A1; how wrong they were. The new proposals include signal controlled pedestrian and cycle crossing which already exists on the western approach to the roundabout and this actually causes added traffic congestion on the roundabout so why waste £3m on another white elephant?

Tom Colohan

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