Reader’s letter: Rail company is taking us for granted

I recently had the misfortune of having to travel to Sheffield with Northern Rail.

The unit concerned was the “Pacer” (yeah right) 144011. It was a most uncomfortable ride, the seats were so close together that I could not put my legs straight and had to swing them sideways.

When we arrived at Sheffield I could not even stand up straight whilst attempting to get out of my seat. Awful. Third class would be too high a complement for this!

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Then immediately after that I saw a sign at the station which was by Northern saying “I want better facilities” - you couldn’t make it up. By comparison I then travelled on the East Midlands Trains service to Liverpool and there was plenty of room and they have a tea trolley as well.

We want better carriages and more of them so we can get a seat, especially at peak times, but since Serco and Abellio’s franchise runs until 2017, I doubt we will see any investment.

But travel from Sheffield to Leeds etc and they have newer, cleaner roomier trains. Seems we in the Worksop area just don’t count.

Recently Northern had a promotion for £12.50. Not long ago it was £10 - an increase of 25%.

Northern, you are not doing yourself any good whatsoever. The travelling public is being taken for granted.

Mike Hall,