Reader’s Letter: Problem is just being moved

The fire service have returned to the fire at Worksop recycling centre (w130812-1d)The fire service have returned to the fire at Worksop recycling centre (w130812-1d)
The fire service have returned to the fire at Worksop recycling centre (w130812-1d)
Before the residents of Worksop start having a celebration on hearing that the waste transfer station on Shireoaks Road has been closed down,they should have been told all the facts by their elected county and district councillors of what is the future plans for the site.

First of all, yes the site on Shireoaks Road is closing down but a planning application has been submitted to Notts CC to build a replacement waste transfer station on the Claylands Industrial Site just off the A57 roundabout at Shireoaks.

So it seems to me that we are not getting rid of the problems that we have had with the existing site we will just be moving them to a different site

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The figures shown in the new application of the tonnage of waste that is going to be processed every year is quoted 65, 000 tons, this will equate to over 7,000 lorry movements on and off the site and the plans show that there are only five parking places for lorries on the site.

Opposite the intended site another site has been submitted and earmarked to build over 300 new dwellings. Who in their right mind would give permission to build these two applications opposite each other?

Now back to the site that has just shut down, what is going to happen to that site your readers my ask? Well in your last week’s issue you had pictures of district and county councillors waving placards saying no to incinerators on this site, if this is allowed to happen the pollution from such an incinerator will be a thousand times more dangerous than the pollution from the old operations on the site.

Both applications will be decided, NCC planning committee and Worksop has only four county councillors and only one of them is on that committee, so these applications could be voted through by councillors from Mansfield and other parts of Nottinghamshire where the dangerous pollution, smells and traffic congestion will not affect them.

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What can the residents of Worksop do to help stop these two applications being granted? Firstly they can lobby the NCC Leader Alan Rhodes who is also one of the Worksop county councillors and also the Hon John Mann MP, and also join the campaign Worksop Against Incineration that has been set up by like-minded residents

Ivor Jones

Shireoaks Road, Shireoaks