Readers Letter: Cut down on councillors

As a regular purchaser and reader of the newspaper that you edit and I, being a contributor to the letters page, have over the last few weeks come to the decision that your newspaper has turned into a mouth piece for the Bassetlaw District Labour Party.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 5th March 2014, 10:05 am

Every week it gets coverage by having Bassetlaw DC party members pictured on more than one page and MP John Mann who also has his weekly column. If letters are sent in that don’t agree with, especially the MP, they don’t tend to get published.

This week you have gone a stage further, you published an article about DC Griff Wynne changing his mind about standing down at the next district council elections in May. When reading the article it reads that he will be doing every community tax payers in Bassetlaw a very big favour by getting himself elected in May, and he will be able to give his expertise to the council in sorting out the cuts that have been imposed by central government. I would like to ask you as editor, do you think that if this article isn’t this blatant electioneering by Coun Wynne and you on your part as editor? Now I would like ask why Coun Wynne if he thinks that would be helpful to the council on sorting out the cuts? I know that when I was a member of the last Labour administration that had a free hand in setting the rise community charges, he voted to agree to a 17% rise! Before that he was part of a previous a administration that lost £1 million out of Basetlaw DCC coffers and which has never been explained.

Not a very good record on financial problems is it councillor Wynne?

Here is one cut I suggest that would help, cut the number of district councillors down to one in each ward instead or three, and also all the councils should be elected once every four years instead of only half of the council members being elected every two years this would save a considerable amount of money. But councillors are like turkeys, they will never vote for Christmas they would sooner implement some other cuts.

Ivor Jones

Shireoaks Road, Shireoaks