Reader’s Letter: Agree about waste of taxes

Bassetlaw District Council, Queen's BuildingsBassetlaw District Council, Queen's Buildings
Bassetlaw District Council, Queen's Buildings
This letter is another follow up from Mr T. Clayton, whose opinion regarding Notts County Council’s blatant waste of ratepayer’s taxes printed in last week’s issue of the Worksop Guardian.

You are so correct Mr Clayton, with your comments. We residents of Bassetlaw know only to well of the stupid ridiculous, none considerate actions passed at county or district. These so-called professional bodies standing on their pedestals, many just like nodding donkeys as they say, never speak one word, many don’t even attend meetings, don’t matter we still get paid!

What a shambles we’ve got making decisions for our wellbeing and in fact, many of them don’t even know what they are raising their hand up for.

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I can tell you, the public many true facts which would blow your hats off, but now I can see more of the public are seeing the light and as they should bring issues forward, sending letters to our local newspaper of unsatisfaction of the way councillors, NC, BDC are conducting their meetings with out just care and attention to their voters requirements instead of jumping in willy nilly on little thought to the most important issue, people’s standard of living.

My last words are ‘Whenever is this vote-buying payment to all councillors going to be abolished. Leave the coffers, then everyone would get the benefits not just a certain few.

Geoff Coe

Bracebridge, Worksop

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