Parking is too restricting!

I am a 68 year old widow who lives alone. I have Multiple Sclerosis and very limited mobility.

I try to be independent and not be a burden to my family, but this is gradually being taken away from me by parking restrictions. I used to love going to the market when it was at the top of town, but I have never been since it moved onto Bridge Street.

My shopping outings are now limited to parking near Bird’s Butchers to get to Santander bank, the card shop and Bon Marche for a treat.

I have never been to Marks & Spencer or Wilkinsons as it is too far to walk. Now to even go to the Priory car park is a problem if you can’t park near a ticket machine. By the time I have paid for a ticket, taken it back to the car, I am too exhausted to go to the shops!

I know there are mobility scooters but as I said I do not want to give up my independence and stop trying to walk even a short distance.

Ann Oldfield


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