Parking is ridiculous

On the 9th December 2013, at 1.30pm I had just been through Bridge Place which had three lorries, two vans and several cars all parked down both sides.

Friday, 10th January 2014, 8:03 am

I just managed to squeeze in outside Halifax.

I saw a female traffic warden walking up Bridge Place totally disregarding the traffic. I stopped her and said about all the traffic, lorries and vans etc and she said she could do nothing about them, it’s up to the police! I told her I had passed four cars with only blue badges on, no green and asked what about those? She said she could not book those because the council said the signs aren’t clear enough, even the one we were stood beside with no badges on at all! I said to her “Well the signs look clear enough to me!” She said “Well, I’m not booking them.” And walked off up Bridge Street!

It’s no wonder Worksop’s pedestrian area is as bad as it is if the other wardens have the same attitude!

Special Permit Holder