Mann’s buying votes!

I am writing this letter in regards to John Mann’s weekly comments praising himself for what he’s done in parliament and him jumping on the local bandwagon if the goings good.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 20th December 2013, 8:24 am

There’s an old saying which is, self praise is no recommendation. But I must say this, that he has helped some of his Bassetlaw residents, but that’s what his job is and he is well rewarded financially for it.

I was quite bemused by what he wrote (quote - Worksop Guardian): ‘MPs should not be doing their job for the salary alone.’ What a load of codswallop. Also he doesn’t agree with the 11 per cent pay offer, talk about vote buying. He’ll grab it with both hands. I’m sure he thinks that we’ve all dropped off the Christmas tree. Our MP will take whatever the government agree to. He will be laughing, adding to what he already receives as an MP, as well as his spouse Jo White. Talk about sitting pretty. They won’t suffer the same as numerous families are, no work, no wages, not much to look forward to unless John and Jo go round and treat these people who maybe can’t afford a meal or a Christmas present to give their children.

My last gripe is regarding the comments made by Bassetlaw Councillor Josie Potts, and her interview and photo sat with John Mann MP and their buddy Councillor Greaves introducing the new credit union offer.

Councillor Potts we’ve all been there in our younger years, but most of us had the gumption not to bite off more than we could chew.

I will be able to converse more when I receive more information from Thompson, manager of the Shires Credit Union.

Geoff Coe

Bracebridge, Worksop