Mann is no help for us workers

I wrote to you in February 2013 asking where our local gritters were as on 5th February I’d had an accident outside Ranby Prison and the insurance people wouldn’t pay up on my car and I ended up losing my job.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 20th December 2013, 12:19 pm

I wrote to John Mann for help as I was a widow with no job and no car and have had to move to another accommodation with cheaper rent. I did not claim anything, but every time I read the Worksop Guardian John Mann is always in it as if he is for the working people and helping them (I don’t think so), I will not be voting for him again, I will be voting UKIP, it’s only them who come into this country who get it all, our houses and all our benefits!

Has he been out there and seen all the OAPs who dare not put their heating on, these are the real people who need help, but not many of them get anything if they need it, it’s like they have to beg for it. Many of these did work for a living and that’s how they get repaid!

G. R. Mills

Ex-Langold resident