Loo closure an inconvenience!

Would Worksop Guardian be interested in taking up with Bassetlaw Council why the public conveniences at the entrance to the car park on Gateford Road have remained closed for so long?

Apparently there was an incident some time ago where the attendant/cleaner claims to have been threatened by someone in the toilets. This hardly seems a justified reason for keeping these toilets closed for so long and causing “inconvenience” to so many people! It just seems like an excuse for the council to save money, but that’s a short term measure if it results in less people visiting the town and using the car park.

People get threatened in all sorts of ways in different places, but shops, pubs etc don’t close as a result of one incident.

We always park in Gateford Road car park, paying our £1 or more fee, to shop in Worksop. We, along with many more people I’m sure, come back to the car laden with shopping, and then need to use the toilet before going on anywhere else where there are no toilets, such as B&Q, Aldi, Curry’s, Wickes etc or driving home.

The council are, wrongly in my opinion directing people to the toilets in the Priory Centre car park. These toilets do not belong to the council, are too small, not clean and smell, and usually have a wet floor.

Our choice is to go in there before returning to Gateford Road car park, laden with shopping bags that would have to be put down on the dirty, wet floor or to walk back from Gateford Road into the town centre again after taking the shopping to the car. This is not ideal, especially on a wet day, or for elderly/disabled persons (Gateford Road car park has several disabled spaces, we are both turned 70)

The only other toilets that the council provide in Worksop town centre are on the upper part of Bridge Street. The gents toilet there is inadequate, having just two cubicles and no urinals. On occasions there can be a long wait to use them.

This is yet one more reason for people to stop shopping in Worksop. After shopping the main thing that most people would want is the toilet, followed by a cuppa. We have always used Worksop for shopping, banks, dentists, solicitors etc but I could not recommend anyone to go there that hasn’t been before. I used to work in Worksop, and have certainly noticed it deteriorating in recent years.

Richard Edley

(via email)