Just a small increase in tax

As a Notts County Council employee I have for a mere four weeks been holding onto these thoughts in response to your readers’ views ‘Hold Labour To Account’ by Kay Cutts.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 13th September 2013, 9:00 am

Cllr Cutts, we all know that the council tax was not increased each year because the councils are given an incentive not to increase them ie: some sort on monetary gift from the government, but if it was raised just a couple of pence a month for example, it would be a far better income than receiving the government gift plus the county councils would not have to make such drastic cuts to save such a vast amount of money, hence some services you cut maybe could have stayed!

As for your comments about street lights being turned off, why should they be turned off, firstly we all contribute toward these when we pay our council tax. Also who wants to feel unsafe walking home from places of work when you could be over shadowed by thugs rather than some sort of light? I did campaign in the area where I live to keep these lit and would do so again.

As for council salaries, I can assure you that I have not had any sort of increase in my meagre salary since, I think it was 2008 maybe 2009 (that long ago I cannot remember), you see, while the price of food, water, electric, gas and petrol, you know the basic essentials in today’s society, keep going up in price, our wages do not reflect this at the lower end of the council wages. Of course you may not know about us mere mortals who sweep the streets, repair the lights, fix the roads, help the children across the roads and work with disabled and the elderly, and many other similar jobs across Notts County Council, because people like yourself have abandoned us and sacrificed us down here so you can have your office carpets blue or red in county hall.

Having seen a lot of jobs, services and work friends go due to the last lot of cut backs, My thoughts now would be, yes I do agree that some savings should be made where there is waste, or where there is an abundance in things we do not require, after all, why does Nottinghamshire require so many councillors? Why don’t they take on more areas and cover more duties like what you have made the ordinary person do when thinning out the jobs (one person now doing three peoples jobs, for the cuts of course)?

Basically Kay Cutts, you manage to hold onto something special in life, a job, while others around you are nervously waiting to see who gets the ‘sling your hook, you are no longer required as this post no longer exists’ letter from the ivory towers in which you and people like you reside! Spare a thought for others when you go to work in your car, put your feet up at home in the winter in front of a nice warm fire, turn the heating up a notch, or even eat out at the restaurant nearby. Anyway, my spam sandwich is nearly done and I must catch the 6 O’clock news before the electric meter runs out, I can’t wait for winter to try my new jacket sitting in front of the tv when it’s cold again! I am just glad I have got a bike and get out nowadays!

Roger Busli

(via email)