John’s right over plan

I read MP John Mann’s column with regards to investment by the coalition. I agree with what he says with regards to the so- called investment.

I say so-called investment because most of the planned investment will not start till 2015/16 and beyond. The government is putting these so- called investments to housing schools roads, rail not for the country but for there manifesto to read what they plan for the next parliament after the 2015 election. Most of the invest on energy and rail infrastructure will come from the bill payers and rail travellers just two things they are planning. They promise to build over 100,000 homes but they have not delivered on there projection for this parliament.

When you look at their spending, our MP is right, most of it centres round London on housing and rail and when they say they are investing in roads they are cutting local government funding who actually look after our highways and repair potholes.

The only thing areas like Bassetlaw will get will be shale gas drilling if you look at the map showing were shale gas is prominent and is this what the people of the area want with all the uncertain problems it could cause. They promise a bribe to areas who agree to drilling in there districts you may need it if things go wrong.

They have promised a lot for the future but people are struggling now and with more cuts on the way this is not what is wanted a lot of these supposed schemes will need planning along with private sector money before they even start. Just one example, they plan 180 new schools. They said they would build schools in this parliament but only one has been built, guess were? In Cambridgeshire no surprise.

Anyway anybody can say what they are going to do in two to three years time but it is now that people are worried for as their standard of living drops.

Derek Bowskill