Half-hearted council

I’m writing this letter to mention the Council’s half hearted attempts at repairing damage to public area. In this case, it’s roads and pavements.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 16th December 2013, 9:25 am

Lately I have been seeing mentioned in the paper that certain roads will be closed for resurfacing. This is good, and bad. Plantation Hill in Kilton is in desperate need of resurfacing, yet the council won’t do anything.

Not long ago the council hired contractors to go round side streets in Worksop and lay a new surfacing on the roads. This isn’t a proper job as in rip up the old surfacing which is basically in pieces, but lay down tar and coat with gravel. Usually the cold winter kills roads, in this case, it’s the hot weather of summer. This surfacing melts and blisters in the summer.

A couple of weeks ago I reported potholes, craters, cracks, bumps and dips in Plantation Hill. Yes, Plantation Hill is becoming an obstacle course for vehicles. I also reported a hole in the pavement on Plantation Hill. This hole being big enough to fit a house brick into, and thus someone could get their foot stuck in it.

Not long after reporting these, workmen came round and filled in potholes and craters on Plantation Hill, but they only did half of them, not including the pavement hole. Not only that, but a couple of days after the workmen had been, the council sent a road sweeper out, and low and behold, that thing created more holes. For every one hole they fill in on Plantation Hill, one to two more appears within a few weeks!

I saw some holes had been marked round with yellow paint, but it didn’t take long for the holes to get so big that most of the paint has broken away with the road. What is wrong with the council? Plantation Hill is a major road, not as busy as Kilton Hill, but still busy. Some roads that were resurfaced were in better condition than Plantation Hill is in. What about the hole in the pavement?

How long will it be until you can’t travel faster than 10mph on this road, or require a Land Rover?

Simon White