Floods are a worry here too

Brookhouse floodingBrookhouse flooding
Brookhouse flooding
I know Brookhouse near Laughton isn’t at the Somerset levels,but I understand their frustrations with both the environment agency and the water companies.

Brookhouse is a small village near Laughton and nestles in the valley with a brook from where it derives its name.

During heavy rain the brook normally overflows onto the road,and like the Somerset levels if the brook was cleared down to Roach Abbey this would help alleviate this problem,along with this the sewer system,put in Victorian times is only two feet in diameter.

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Since this system was installed, Thurcroft which is upstream has increased four fold and now there is an additional 500 houses being built and their sewage and surface water is going into the same system.

An overflow system was installed on Steadfolds Lane which allows Severn Trent water to bypass the sewer system and go direct into the brook,this is further compounded because the sewer system cannot cope, it blows the lids off the manhole in the village and raw sewage then runs across the road and into the brook.

After this happens Severn Trent water kindly send a man down to pick up the condoms, sanitary towels etc from the roadway. Whenever this happens I contact both Severn Trent and the environment agency so they can log the incident.

During heavy rain the sewage comes up through my drains and into the garden. To try to stop this happening a representative of Severn Trent water agreed to put a one way valve into my system to stop this, but we’re still waiting!

Ian Turner

Main Street, Brookhouse