Firework night was success

Remember, remember, the fifth of November? Well I certainly do!

By The Newsroom
Friday, 15th November 2013, 9:19 am

Having reached the ripe old age of 50 a couple of weeks ago lots of memories come back, and one is of going to bonfires as a kid, standing near the lovely warm bonfire, seeing the fireworks lighting up the sky, making shapes with your Sparklers, tucking into a sticky Toffee Apple...great memories. It never rained on Bonfire Night when you was a kid: Did it?

Ok, times have changed a little and you can no longer stand so near to the bonfire that you could feel the heat warming your skin, and Sparklers have gone from being a thing of magic to a fireman’s nightmare.

But, after experiencing the DRUFC Bonfire Night last night, nothing really changes does it? You still get that tingle as the fire is lit, and when the first rocket bursts into the heavens; it’s for kids both old and young.

Lets be honest the club put on a great event. And is that just my view? Well no, you only have to look at the Tweets, the FB messages and more importantly just listen to the people on the night.

A number of people put a lot of effort into getting the event off the ground and running the event on the night, they must all be applauded for their efforts as this would have never happened without their determination.

A massive thanks also to Nigel Turver and his crew from Galactic Fireworks who supplied the fireworks and put on the show. They showed why they are No 1 in their field.... literally.

Hopefully we can learn from the event, and next year’s will be bigger and better and we can continue to put the events on in the future.

Steve Bott

(via email)