Disbelief at Cllr Cutts’ article!

I read the article ‘Labour tried to hide the deficit’ by the rather aptly named Councillor Kay Cutts in last week’s Guardian with increasing and incredulous disbelief.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 15th November 2013, 9:07 am

She spoke of the Labour Council being negligent with the massively reduced funding allocated by her very own party the ConDem coalition. She spoke of the poorest being hit hardest, pot holes in the roads, the Youth Services and Libraries and the hundreds of job losses within the local Government. Whilst all that is true, the blame is with her and her peers.

As I am sure the Guardian readers already know, that once we voted for a Labour Council, the ConDem Government took a further £22 million away from our council budget in what to all intents and purposes seems like a punishment to us the people of Notts - vote ConDem or suffer our wrath!

This is the same party that has taken our NHS and turned it into a business enabling their fat cat friends to profit from the misery of the ill and recently argued against a cap on banker’s bonuses whilst simultaneously taking benefits from the most needy and disabled. Let’s not forget that it was the bankers that put us in this position, in some cases trading illegally but with these ConDems in power they remain above the law and untouchable.

The ConDem Coalition has been a disaster for everyone except the very wealthy, this banking crisis has given them the excuse they needed to destroy the services we, the working classes depend upon, it was Thatcher who said ‘there is no such thing as society’ and this remains their ethos to this day.

Matt Rodgers

(via email)