Disabled pay their taxes too!

I would like to register my objections to the parking plans reported in the Worksop Guardian.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 29th November 2013, 8:57 am

Who has started all this trouble again and why? How can we convince the able-bodied people who can shop everyday and all day, that we are as entitled as they are to have access to the town centre. If they do not want to see disabled people they can use the town on the days we can’t. Parking spaces at the end of the streets would not be any good for people who are unable to walk without pain. We clarified all this before. It shows that no notice has been taken of our views and reasons why we need to park as close as we can to the shops we are visiting. There has not been one accident in the town centre caused by a vehicle used by a disabled person.

I pay my council tax and therefore have a right to use the town’s facilities. How many of the objectors to disabled parking pay their tax?

Why are Worksop and district people, including the Guardian so against the disabled? I think it affects badly on their upbringing. When we are able to travel to other towns and cities we were treated with kindness and empathy.

I think people need to realise that no one wants to live in constant pain or be disabled and they may find themselves in a similar situation in years to come.

I hope this time you will print a fair representation of letters from the disabled who object to the scheme and not just from able-bodied or the disabled who are not affected as they have fit carers to push them around in wheelchairs or are able to use scooters.

P. Hall

St Anne’s View, Worksop