All parties are to blame

Reading the various comments of the political party leaders re: the budget cuts, looks a little like The Pot calling the Kettle Black.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 15th November 2013, 8:00 am

Over previous decades each party is responsible for allowing individuals and corporations to escape paying their tax liabilities.

Each party has spent the ordinary taxpayers money to subsidise the privatisation of key services eg coal, electric, gas, water, NHS, social care, Royal Mail, railways. Taxpayers money is used to subsidise toxic debt liabilities so the corporations etc can increase profits when given franchises and taking over key services.

All budgets are being reduced except the political establishments eg European, British, and other national parliaments where the noses are in the trough.

90% of the assets/wealth created in the UK (GDP) in the control of less than 10%. Lack of investment in infrastructure etc and a reduction in full time employment opportunities with a living wage. A reduction of manufacturing output in the UK and a loss of employment opportunities for over 30% of our young people.

Where has the wealth created in previous decades gone? Where are the billions of pounds hiding that have been declared as profit by corporations over several decades.

My expectations and perceptions of the political hierarchy is they have been incompetent, ineffective and inefficient over many decades when preparing the macro and micro environment for a successful economy in the UK.

We are now suffering for that! When will they be held accountable for their incompetence?

The price of our energy and dangerously low energy supplies is an example. We were promised so much when they privatised the energy market place and we are now being taken for a massive ride and ripped off.

That is why I feel so apathetic when listening/reading their political diarrhoea. Fraudulent, dishonest practises by those in public life who should lead by example.

How many banks, corporations and individuals in public life have been caught and judged? God will judge you but I would expect the devil to greet some in the political/public environment.

Victor Meldrew