A60 Road alterations

with reference to the road alterations to the A60 between Langold and Carlton.

Sunday, 14th August 2011, 1:00 pm

There is no doubt that a speed of 30mph is far too low for this type of road. There are many roads in this country that are heavily built up with 40mph limits. The part of the A60 between Workop and Carlton that had claimed most lives has had nothing done to it, apart from that the number of excessive central reservations have caused a severe danger for cyclists as they are too close for drivers to safely overtake.

These reservations have curbs that are too wide and too high and can cause accidents if vehicles glance or hit them. They are not painted or have reflective markings on them.

The removal of the bus refuges is incomprehensible. All this leads me to the plan for changing the A60 road. A notice to the public was posted in Carlton library and apparently there was one objector who was ignored.

If you read the NCC Public Engagement Policy document from their web site it explains that the council keeps people well informed and engages with people, so far they have done none of it!

Surely instead of posting proposed plans in a library they could put it in their own newspaper magazine which is delivered to every door in the area.

The infamous Manton bumps are a carbuncle on our local life and I think NCC have produced another with the A60 alterations.

For further information: Transport and Highways Portfolio Agenda 3.3 dated 11 January 2011.


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