Wrestling night in Thurcroft

Fighting in Thurcroft - nothing new about that I hear you say but this was something different.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 15th November 2012, 12:00 pm

Local wrestling legend Chris Bulldog Smith was pitting his wits against Loud Mouth Jonny Rose who had flown in from the USA for this grudge match.

This American wrestling spectacular brought all the States-style razzmatazz to Thurcroft only to be told at the last minute red tape meant it had to be cancelled. Little setbacks don’t stand in the way of these guys and they set about finding a new venue. With hours to spare the organizers were grateful for the use of the Nethergreen Social Club in Killamarsh.

I made my way in to find it packed to the rafters and settled down ready to be entertained. It didn’t take me long to realize that if you were sat in the first three rows there was a good chance you might have a wrestler thrown over the ropes at you.

The Halloween Havoc event was sponsored by Jobs 4U Recruitment, and judging by the first few bruising bouts they could be busy supplying staff to the local hospitals during the next few weeks.

The very popular Insane Star JP lost to the Vampire Viken which didn’t go down well with JP’s army of young fans. Luckily the next bout involved tag champion Chris Cage and he beat the baddy Kim Chee.

This built the tension up ready for the big fight, when Anston-legend Chris Bulldog Smith took on Loud Mouth Jonny Rose. This was a contest and the Bulldog was under the cosh for much of the bout, while his fans gave that much vocal support they nearly lifted the roof off.

Bulldog started to claw his way back and seemed to have Loud Mouth Jonny in all sorts of trouble. But the ref didn’t spot an infringement and the American was given the win much to my disgust. Robbed is the only way to describe it.