We must be vigilant

This week I’d like to draw your attention to a number of incidents in which Worksop residents have fallen victim to wolves in sheep’s clothing, who have preyed upon and manipulated the good will of others for their own selfish, underhanded gain.

On 23rd July we received three reports of elderly women being approached by a man, one in a back garden and two in their homes through unlocked doors. On all occasions the man engaged the women in conversation, then left.

Two of the women subsequently discovered cash had been stolen.

In two of the incidents the intruder asked for change for a bank note. In the third incident, and in further reports from other residents who have received similar visits from a man, he claimed to be trying to pay for a car.

I urge you all to be vigilant against criminals of this kind.

They often look and sound like respectable people. They can be smartly dressed and have a convincing story.

Do not let anyone you do not know into your home. If they claim to be offering a service, ask for identification and put in a phone call to the company they say they work for. If in any doubt, do not open the door. While you are watching the Olympics or enjoying a bit of sun in the garden, think about your own and your home’s security. Are the doors locked, including the back door? What about your windows? If you do have them open while you are in the house, are they on locks so they cannot be opened any wider?

Where are your valuable items, such as keys, purses, mobile phones and laptops? Are they kept safe and secure, away from doors and windows and out of view?

Look out for your neighbours and report any suspicious individuals to police. If you have been approached at home by a man with a similar story, call us immediately.

This weekly column is a privileged opportunity to communicate directly with the people we serve. And remember it is not just a one-way conversation.