The Lighter side of life with Kate Mason: Office party time: dress to kill, but try not to kill your job!

Glasses of fizz, festive food and a chance to let your hair down with the colleagues you’ve worked hard with all year round ... on paper the office Christmas party sounds like the hottest date in the social calendar.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 17th December 2015, 1:57 pm
A group of people enjoying a Christmas party.
A group of people enjoying a Christmas party.

But in between all the mince pies and merriment this seemingly joyous occasion is littered with metaphorical land mines that could go off at any moment.

All the brownie point building, extra hours you’ve put in and countless cuppas you’ve made for your colleagues could be obliterated if you make just one wrong move.

As if marring a whole year’s hard graft wasn’t bad enough you also stand to say goodbye to your reputation for next year too.

The pitfalls have always been there but now thanks to the wonderful world of Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat the evidence of your merry misjudgments could be haunting you well into the New Year.

I’m the first to admit getting your groove on to Mariah’s All I Want For Christmas with Helen from HR may seem like a good idea until your kind colleagues decide to film the whole thing and put it on social media.

Before you know it slipping on that spilt pint whilst belting out the chorus could cost you more than a bruised bum when the hilarious footage starts doing the rounds on Monday morning.

Then there’s the outfit dilemmas. You’ve worked hard to perfect your business look all year round only to decide to leave NOTHING to the imagination when squeezing yourself into some glittery spandex number with your baubles on show.

You may think if you’ve got it flaunt it but when you return to work it won’t be your business assets that are the hot topic of conversation around the water cooler. Note to self: don’t dress to kill (your career!)

And I know you may get the urge to proposition the office eye candy after a sherry or five but think before you drag your potential new squeeze under the mistletoe.

Those subtle glances, daily compliments and extended screen breaks you’ve been taking all year round won’t count for a thing once you’ve declared your undying love through booze-fuelled hiccups.

Let’s be honest an office Christmas do just wouldn’t be the same without a bit of seasonal scandal, just ensure you’re not the butt of the jokes in the boardroom when you return to work.

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