The Dinno Destroyer

If you haven’t already heard about it you have now - the Dinno Destroyer is the word on the street.

Thursday, 29th November 2012, 3:02 pm

Let me explain. The award winning Indoor Market Café has put together a dish to test the biggest of appetites and challenged their customers to destroy the Destroyer in 30 minutes.

Curvy Kerry and Delicious Debs have run the famous café for many years and decided on testing some of their customers.

This artery tightening and belly warming delicacy consists of four supreme sausages, four rashes of bacon, four free range eggs, two black puddings with a generous helping of baked beans, tomatoes and mushrooms with four slices of toast to dip and mop up. If toast doesn’t rock your boat a portion of chips is optional.

I called in the other week having starved myself for nearly three hours, and being a light weight only managed a third of the plate. When I say plate it looked more like surf board.

The added bonus is that the Destroyer costs £6.50 but if you finish it you only pay half - or you can have a large portion of death by chocolate gateaux as a sweet.

Now I know a lot of you are thinking that many of our bigger boned Dinno folk would class this as a snack and those with an overactive knife and fork would polish it off easy. The truth is the challenge has been on for well over a month now and 12 have failed despite intensive training while only three local heroes have destroyed the Destroyer.

The famous three have got their photos on the cafes wall of fame with Richard Hibbert the first to complete the task with less than a minute to go. The two others were Dale Farm and Jeff Full who both had to be carried to their cars afterwards and apparently haven’t eaten since.

Why not give it a go and also support our local shops in these difficult times because we would miss them if they weren’t there.