Save the planet by not flying to football matches

I hate to say it but Extinction Rebellion might be on to something, writes Steve N Allen.

Thursday, 6th June 2019, 8:00 am
Steve N Allen

They plan to fly drones near Heathrow Airport to stop the flights. That part is wrong.

A drone shouldn’t be used to cause danger and disruption.

It should be used for its intended purpose, to let grown men play with toys they wish they had in the 80s and to help them spend less time with their families.

The main point though, that we should stop pointless flights, is a good one.

Recently, we saw the UK airspace at its busiest because of all the football fans flying to see games in Europe.

The last time the air was that busy it was probably World War Two and at least we came back from Europe with a win that time.

None of the football fan flights needed to happen.

Recently, we had people flying to Baku to see two London clubs.

Firstly, you shouldn’t fly to a place that sounds like a budget fridge.

Secondly, that’s a match you could see in London – it was filmed.

They say you should try to Skype into work rather than travel.

The cameras in the stadium are way better than the laptop webcam that’s aimed up the nose of Richard from sales.

If you just waited till those teams were playing nearer to you you’d also save time and not have to bribe your way out of as many jails.

If we can save the carbon that’s spent flying thousands of fans round the world to see two teams that were flown there too we can make the world a better place.

And then the biggest waste of aviation fuel will be all the A-list celebs that take private jets around the world to take part in Extinction Rebellion protests.