Rother Valley MP hails brilliant community response to coronavirus outbreak

In my last column, focusing on the coronavirus crisis, I stressed the importance of sacrifice and noted that we must come together as a community.

By Alexander Stafford MP
Friday, 24th April 2020, 8:05 am

Now, in April, I am delighted to report that Rother Valley has done exactly that.

All over the constituency, individuals and businesses have risen to the challenge and demonstrated what makes our area so special.

Covid-19 community support groups have been created in Dinnington, Harthill and Woodall, and Kiveton and Wales, and I give my thanks to Darron Crookes, Lee Brown, Cheryl Swallow, Sadie Griffin, and Tara Wright for this.

Alexander Stafford, MP for Rother Valley. Photo: London Portrait Photoqrapher-DAV

These groups have been busy distributing supplies and combating the loneliness of those self-isolating, both tasks of the utmost importance.

Furthermore, the councils of Maltby, Dinnington, Todwick, and Thorpe Salvin have all been working hard to mitigate the effects of Covid-19 in their communities.

Businesses have been making deliveries and donating goods to those in need, among other activities.

Some of these marvellous local businesses include Bamford’s Baps in Maltby, the Butcher’s Arms in Braithwell, The Haberdashery in Dinnington, Ocean’s Fish Bar in Maltby, The Three Tuns in Stainton, and McKenzie Meats in Maltby.

My attention has also been drawn to DB Entertainment and Glass-Tech, both in Maltby, Doorstep Deli in Todwick, Harthill Fruit and Veg, Traditionals of Kiveton Park, Go Local Extra in Aughton, Wales Road McColl’s and MJM News & Booze in Woodsetts.

It is absolutely impossible for me to name every single heroic business and the ones mentioned here have been chosen as they cover a broad selection of sectors and areas.

On behalf of local people, I wish to thank all businesses in Rother Valley which are playing their part in tackling this crisis.

It is so important that we remember their help and return the favour by guaranteeing them our faithful custom once normality returns.

I have been impressed with Wales High School’s and Anston Hillcrest Primary School’s work to make extra PPE for NHS frontline professionals.

This has been echoed by extraordinary acts of kindness from scores of individuals across our constituency.

Whether you are delivering supplies like Alison Canning, making PPE like Janet and Graham Turner, running social distancing bingo like Margaret Farnsworth, or sending out kindness cards like Hazel Pickering, I am aware of your efforts and I can assure you that it does make a difference.

If you are aware of a business or person helping our area, do email me at [email protected] to let me know.

It is reassuring for me to see such unity and empathy in our local area at such a difficult time.

Let us double down on this good work, follow Government guidelines, and keep community spirits high.

I continue to answer your queries and fight for you.

Together, Rother Valley will defeat coronavirus.