Reduce rural crime

Our focus at the moment is engaging with the rural and farming communities in a bid to reduce agricultural crime.

Darker evenings and isolated locations leaves property more vulnerable to those who choose to exploit these circumstances, with their prime focus on metal and fuel.

Along with our policing operations, we are working with the National Farmers Union (NFU) and local MP Patrick Mercer to stage an event.

The Rural Crime Summit will take place on Monday 19th November 2012 between 2pm and 4pm at the Cedric Ford Pavilion at Newark Showground. Why not come along to meet your local police and find out how we can work together to detect and reduce this type of crime.

The branded tractor will be there, as will opportunities to have your property security marked. Email [email protected] to confirm your attendance.

Elsewhere in the district, as the shop shelves testify, we are approaching Halloween. On behalf of the Safer Neighbourhood Team I would like to encourage parents to reiterate the importance of good behaviour to avoid causing nuisance in the community.

We don’t wish to be spoilsports, but we’d just like to stress that what you think is a harmless ‘trick’ could be quite distressing for the target.

Already we have been seeing and hearing the bangers going off. Those aged under 18 should not be using fireworks and under no circumstances should they be misused, such as being thrown at people, animals or property.

If you don’t want trick-or-treaters calling at your house this year, download a poster to display in your window from the Library section of the Force website. Those who are door knocking for treats should respect this sign and stay away.

I am not ashamed to say that when my children were younger I wrapped myself in toilet roll and joined them Trick or Treating as a member of the undead. This way I was sure they were safe and behaving themselves, plus I get a few sweets out of it too.

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