Has Brexit madness made us blind to everything else we don’t like?

We’re days away from the date when I thought I could stop writing about Brexit but it keeps getting put off, writes Steve N Allen.

Friday, 22nd March 2019, 7:00 am

At this rate the DFS sale will have ended before Britain actually leaves.

Brexit has polarised the UK more than anything else.

Remainers who didn’t give a thought to the EU but liked the special queue at airports are now claiming they love everything about it and Brexiters now claim it’ll be the smoothest change ever.

Steve N Allen

When told there could be queues at the ports, instead of saying, ‘yeah, but it’ll be worth it,’ they pretend it’s a good thing – ‘it’ll stop people getting speeding tickets on the M20.’

Here’s a test to see if Brexit has made you blind to other issues.

Vote Leave has been fined £50,000 for sending 196,154 spam texts during referendum.

Normally we all hate spam texts so most reactions should be about that.

I wouldn’t recommend sexting but in reply to spam texters it can really get them off your back.

I keep getting told – not asked, told – by texts that I had an accident in the last three years.

It makes me think, ‘it must’ve been a really bad one and I blocked out all memories of it.’

If you were annoyed by the spam text part of the news story you’re not biased.

Did you find yourself coming up with an excuse just because it was about Brexit, like ‘Well, everyone likes to get a text, it makes you feel popular’.

If you did, think of this.

These spam texts might be worse than normal.

Most mailing lists you can reply to and get yourself removed but if you if you messaged back saying ‘leave’ they’d just think you wanted to hear more.

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