Diners spoilt for choice

I was surprised to learn that on our exclusive Golden Half Mile otherwise known as Laughton Road and surrounding roads there are 22 eating places.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 21st November 2012, 4:02 pm

Ranging from sandwich shops to takeaways and of course our top of the range restaurants.

This is quite amazing and rumour has it that a well known national chain is looking at opening a branch in Dinno.

Now do they know something we don’t or are we Dinno folk becoming lazy and taking the easy but more expensive option when it comes to our dietary needs?

At one time it was Friday chippy tea tradition or Saturday treat with a bottle of dandelion and burdock to wash it down but nowadays these takeaways seem to be open 24/7 and doing a roaring trade.

What would legendary names of the chippy trade like the Kirkby and Massey families make of all these fancy food outlets? Not a day goes by without a flyer coming through our door advertising a new burger bar or pizza palace for us to try and the choice is endless.

After a night in the Stute or Dragon the only option we had was peas or beans with our chips and a few scraps if you were lucky. How times have changed.

I bumped into mother of seven Velcro Vicky the other day and as ever she looked a bit stressed. She said: “There’s only three ways to get things done in this life, do it yourself, pay someone to do it or tell your kids not to do it.”

Back on the subject of food, many Dinno Lasses got excited the other week when top chef Gino De Campo visited the culinary capitol of South Yorkshire.

The annoyingly good looking Gino was promoting his new book in Ingers old shop while passing on some cooking techniques. In return the Dinno girls showed him the best and quickest way to dish up a frozen pizza and pot noodle dish.

Dinno Lad