COLUMN: Does Christmas get earlier every year?

I remember as a kid hearing the grown ups say '˜Christmas gets earlier every year' and thinking how it really doesn't and seems to take ages to arrive.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 22nd November 2017, 9:00 am
Updated Monday, 11th December 2017, 6:16 pm

I now find myself uttering those very words, usually stood in a supermarket circa September.

Before the trick or treaters have even unwrapped their sweets the Christmas light switch-ons are scheduled and John Lewis’ latest emotionally blackmailing offering is on our screens. The ads are even worse on the kids’ channels as 15 minutes of cartoons equals 15 minutes of adverts selling the latest fandangled hatching or hanging animal that can be yours for a hefty price (not including batteries).

It wouldn’t surprise me if the next product to hit the shelves is a 90-day countdown calendar.

There’s no escaping that the build up does get earlier every year and that’s not all, it gets more expensive too.

Even the savviest of shoppers out there are tested with promotional prices, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and 3 for 2 offers all over the internet and high street.

Led by the adverts and with the image of the perfect Christmas at the forefront of our thoughts we all trudge around the shops, spend hours online and click and collect from here, there and everywhere to get the gifts, the food, the drink and anything else we might need to celebrate this one day in December (that despite how it may seem doesn’t get any earlier).

But, whatever is on the top of yours or your loved one’s wish list surely being all together as a family has to be near the top.

That (as the advert encouraging you to spend lots of money you haven’t got says) is priceless.