Burglaries are down

In light of the burglaries of businesses in Bridge Street earlier in the year, we are pleased to announce there has been a reduction in town centre burglaries over the last four weeks.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 19th April 2012, 2:44 pm

There were seven reported incidents between 17th March and 17th April, compared to the 12 reported burglaries between 17th February and 17th March.

We have been working closely with business owners to help them with crime prevention and employing a number of policing tactics during the day and especially overnight, to bring this number down. These activities will continue and hopefully we will see further reductions.

We are also encouraged to see alcohol-related crime in the town centre has reduced since last month. There were 54 reported incidents between 17th March and 17th April, compared to 93 between 17th February and 17th March.

There have been a number of problems with public drunkenness and related nuisance and damage. We must take a collaborative approach to this serious social problem and have been working with our partners to get the appropriate help for repeat offenders.

As we approach the summer and lighter nights, we see more people out in town in the evening. We all like to enjoy a bit of al fresco dining and socialising, so don’t ruin it for everyone else with bad behaviour.

Pubwatch has now gone online. At the touch of a button landlords, pub staff and residents can find out about the work the association, police and the council are doing to reduce crime around licenced premises. On this site is also details of those banned from premises.

A big welcome to the Savoy Cinema and its staff, who have joined the town centre family. There has only been one call to police following a minor incident of antisocial behaviour since it opened, but we’d prefer it be none.

We want to see our town centre thrive and the arrival of the Savoy is already attracting more people in. Let’s treat it and its staff with respect enjoy the show.

Finally, we’d like to welcome PCSO Graham Walker to the town centre beat. Graham and PCSO Ryan Bowskill have done a swap, with Ryan now making his presence known on the North East beat.