Be more vigilant about auto crime

We have covered the issue of auto crime many times in this column but it is still something I urge people of Worksop need to be more vigilant about.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 18th July 2013, 3:25 pm
DI Ash Wilson pictured at Worksop Police Station  (w120924-8b)
DI Ash Wilson pictured at Worksop Police Station (w120924-8b)

Thieves who are on the look out for an opportunity will take risks to break into a vehicle and steal whatever they can get their hands on so leaving vehicles insecure makes it all the easier.

In Worksop, most of the car crime we are dealing with is happening because people are leaving vehicles unlocked, windows open or leaving items on display.

Failing to make sure your vehicle is locked is an obvious mistake and often your insurance company won’t pay out for the damage sustained.

And it’s not just leaving large, obvious items out on display that will put your vehicle and possessions at risk, it can be anything from loose change in the well of the car to a sat nav holder left attached and on view. To a passing thief, it’s worth taking a punt on whether you have stored your sat-nav in the glove compartment. It should be obvious that leaving a lap-top, tablet or phone in your bag is a definite no-no but leaving the associated covers, bags and holders lying around on show is also enough for a thief to think there is something they can get their hands on.

The frustrating thing for anyone who has been a victim of this crime is that they quickly realise that if they had just taken their things into the house, or stored them away in the boot, they would not be paying price.

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