One of the worst in UK

RUBBISH recycling rates have been reported for Bassetlaw - ranking it as one of the worst in the country and sparking one Worksop man to speak out.

WasteDataFlow and DEFRA have announced that Bassetlaw has come 352nd out of 358 authorities in England with a recycling rate of just 23 per cent.

This is compared with Rushcliffe who came 25th with a rate of 54 per cent, and Notts who ranked 136th with 43 per cent .

Chartered Institute of Waste Management member John Simon, 69, from Pinetree Close in Worksop, said that this was not acceptable.

“Quite frankly, I’m just amazed,” he said. “It makes me wonder why the District Councils don’t talk to each other about recycling. How can Rushcliffe be 25th while Bassetlaw ranks so low? What are they doing wrong?”

John continued: “It depends upon who you blame - is it down to the apathy of Worksop and Bassetlaw people or is it the failings of the council and its employees by not delivering sufficient services?”

“There doesn’t seem to be a great deal of enthusiasm for recycling and that just isn’t being addressed.”

A Council spokesman responded by saying: “What this Council does not operate is a garden waste collection service which the higher performing authorities around the country have operated for a number of years. Obviously these additional services are reflected in the overall costs of waste collection.”

“Bassetlaw Council operates the most cost effective waste collection service in the East Midlands while still achieving a reasonable recycling rate.”

He added: “The authority is committed to increasing the current performance and continues to promote recycling through various programmes and events. If members of the public wish to receive this information or require any assistance they should call 01909 534485.”