Old school set to be bulldozed this month

Stubbin Wood School's old buildingStubbin Wood School's old building
Stubbin Wood School's old building
A special school’s former premises are due to be demolished this month, almost 40 years after it was built.

Stubbin Wood School’s building on Burlington Avenue, Langwith, had become increasingly unfit for purpose over the years.

The school, which cater for youngsters with learning difficulties, moved to a new site on Common Lane in 2013, sharing a £27m complex with Shirebrook Academy.

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But headteacher Lee Floyd says it will be emotional to see the old site finally bulldozed.

He said: “It was always small and cramped, and now part of the ceiling was falling in and grass was breaking through the playground surface outside.

“It was cold and soulless, but then I remember how we gave that building life and warmth and how parents who came to see us didn’t notice how cramped it was.

“Our new school has allowed Stubbin Wood to grow in so many ways, but we will all go down to the old site next month to see the old building demolished.

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“It is a historic occasion. We did a lot of good things there and although we are happy where we are, a part of us will be gone forever when it comes down.”

Built in 1967, the school was based on the site for almost 30 years, despite having doorways too narrow for wheelchairs and a lack of storage space.

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