Hash tagged...potato treat tops Notts fry up list

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What’s on your plate for a perfect full English?

Well, according to a recent survey, it’s hash browns all the way for Nottinghamshire.

In the latest I-can’t-believe-someone-was-paid-to-come-up-with-this-meaningless-stuff poll, it was found that Nottinghamshire puts the potato treat to the top of their list when it comes to a fry up.

Are they mad? Surely bacon or sausages are the staple for the calorie-laden hangover cure?

But the research revealed that over a third of people plumped for hash browns, much higher than the rest of Britain.

Mitchells & Butlers - the company behind high street pub and bar chains like Toby Carvery, Harvester restaurants and Sizzling Pubs, polled 2,000 Brits to identify exactly what should be on their plate for a classic stodgy start to the day.

Whilst those in Nottinghamshire love hash browns, apparently the rest of the UK say there is no place for black pudding, fried bread or hash browns.

Breakfast marketing expert at Mitchells & Butlers, Jo Hudson, said: “There is so much debate about the full English breakfast that we wanted to identify what Britain really wanted on its classic breakfast plate.

“We’ve discovered that there is a divide when it comes to certain breakfast items. In the Midlands, for example, 68 per cent of people choose hash browns on their breakfast, compared to just 40 per cent in Northern Ireland. Plus, Midlanders are more likely to enjoy tomatoes with their Full English than those in Scotland and Wales.

“But we’ve crunched the statistics and come up with the definitive full English breakfast plate as voted for by the majority of Brits.”