Off duty firefighter helps save a woman’s life in Dinnington


An off-duty retained firefighter saved the life of woman having a heart attack while he was waiting for haircut.

One of Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service’s retained firefighters has been praised for his quick thinking after he helped save the life of a woman who collapsed in Dinnington.

Lamour White, a retained firefighter based at Harworth Fire Station, was waiting for a haircut when he witnessed a lady fall down on Laughton Road.

The 23-year-old said: “As soon as I went over to check what was going on it became apparent that the lady wasn’t breathing right.

“Although it turned out to be a heart attack, I initially thought she might be having a stroke at the time, and at this point my training just kicked in and we started CPR straight away and kept going until the paramedics arrived.”

Lamour, who only started working at Harworth in February this year, was given life support training last year as part of his Retained Firefighter training. He said: “For around 35 minutes the casualty was unresponsive and had no pulse, however eventually her heart started to beat again. Apparently the chest compressions we were doing meant that her brain wasn’t aware that her heart wasn’t beating. It was them that saved the woman’s life.”

Since the incident Lamour has been thanked by the individual’s family and it is understood she is making a good recovery.

The modest fireman said: “Everyone is calling me a hero but I don’t really think of it like that, I just did what I did and fortunately it was enough. I obviously wasn’t the only one there and for us all to come together and help was an amazing thing,” he added.

“I’m just really grateful to Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service for the job related training they provide, and also the kind hearted people of Dinnington for helping out.”

Also praising Lemour’s actions is Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service’s Group Manager Damien West, who manages the Service’s North Group.

“Part of being a Retained Firefighter is saving lives in your local community and it’s amazing to see that Lamour has done just that – we’re really proud of his actions.

“It’s also amazing to think that it was only September last year he joined the Service and began his training before starting at Harworth in February.

“It was this training that gave Lamour the skills to save a life and if there’s anyone out there that would be interested in stepping up, doing what Lamour does and serving their community as a Retained Firefighter, we will be on the lookout for new recruits in October.”

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