Notts: Police week of action

Notts Police are in the middle of a week of action to tackle alcohol-related crime in the county.

A number of special patrols have taken to the streets to clamp down on alcohol abuse and educate people to its dangers.

Guardian News

Guardian News

These will include visiting anti-social behaviour hotspots, including the Canch, Godfrey’s Pond and Dock in Worksop.

Officers have also been checking in with off licences to ensure laws are being followed and to co-operate in order to prevent regular offenders accessing alcohol.

Traffic has also been a focus, with police targeting those seen to committing the ‘fatal four’ of speeding, driving under the influence, not wearing a seatbelt or being distracted by items such as mobile phones.

The week began on Monday, and will conclude on Sunday night.

For more see our special feature in this week’s Worksop Guardian - out on Thursday afternoon.