Notts: Police officer who had vodka bottle smashed into his face receives award

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A police officer who had a vodka bottle smashed into his face but still managed to chase down and apprehend the offender was commended for his actions at the Nottinghamshire Police Awards ceremony.

PC Mark Szeremeta was responding on 12th February 2014 to a report of a man threatening suicide the evening he was attacked. PC Szeremeta repeatedly attempted to engage the man to find out if he was okay but was ignored.

Leaving his car, the officer asked the man to stop only for him to turn around and smash the bottle of vodka he was carrying into the officer’s face.

The attack left him temporarily blinded, blood and vodka streaming into his eyes, which allowed the attacker to flee the scene.

Unable to call for assistance as the vodka had damaged his radio, PC Szeremeta ignored his injuries and gave chase, eventually catching the man and holding him until help arrived.

He was attacked by the very man he was attempting to help and, as a result, suffered a puncture wound above his eye, a swollen lump close to the eye and numerous lacerations to his face.

PC Szeremeta was nominated by Sergeant Philip Allen. who said: “This incident highlights the dangers that officers face every day when attending incidents.”

“However, PC Szeremeta went above and beyond the call of duty when, having been disabled and seriously injured, he carried on and pursued a man who was intent on taking his own life.”

The officer received a Chief Constable’s Commendation for his actions at last night’s awards ceremony.

Chief Constable Chris Eyre said: “I am immensely proud that Nottinghamshire Police has officers like Mark who put the safety of the public before their own.”