Notts: No fatalities on roads in May


According to a report released by Notts Police there were no fatalities on the county’s roads during May.

The amount of people seriously injured on the roads of Notts in April and May reduced by 28 per cent.

Chief Inspector Andy Charlton said: “It is great to report that the amount of serious collisions on the county’s roads is reducing. One crash is of course one too many but these figures mean that fewer people have to put up with the horrific effects of serious road collisions.”

During the same time period more than 5,000 drivers were caught by officers at the roadside – most were using mobile phones, not wearing seatbelts and speeding.

Insp Charlton added: “If you add the figure to our camera enforcement operation in means over 20,000 offences were detected in April and May alone and it illustrates our determination to stop the causes of collisions on our roads.

“These offences, along with drink and drug driving, are the main causes of fatal crashes.”

“The impact of our enforcement in April and May is being seen in a reduction of casualties on the roads but the number of people we are catching breaking the law is far higher than we would like to see.”

“We need everyone to get the message – you can’t take your eyes off the road to send a text or have one hand on your mobile chatting to a mate. You won’t get away with it. It is dangerous and it’s illegal.”

“The speed limits are there for a reason and not wearing a seatbelt means that if the worst does happen you are more likely to suffer serious injuries. You should not ignore these laws – they are there to protect you, your family, your friends and every other road user.”