Notts: Misson Primary School celebrates mum, red noses – and Jaffa Cakes

Staff, parents and pupils at Misson Primary School near Bawtry have recently been very busy with special days at the school to celebrate three big national events that have taken place – Comic Relief, Mother’s Day and the solar eclipse.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 30th March 2015, 10:07 am
Pupils at Mission Primary School invited their mums into school on Comic Relief day for a special Mothers Day assembly and lunch
Pupils at Mission Primary School invited their mums into school on Comic Relief day for a special Mothers Day assembly and lunch

The activities started with the school combining Comic Relief and Mother’s Day into one big celebration when everyone’s mum was invited into the school for a day of Mother’s Day treats.

A special mothers day assembly started the fun, which saw the children incorporate a song and poetry into their regular achievement assembly.

There was an added twist as all the children and teachers were ‘doing something funny for money’ and fund-raising for Comic Relief.

Amongst the red noses and fancy dress, head teacher John Birch caused squeals of delight and a lot of hearty laughter from parents as he arrived to lead the assembly dressed in a penguin onesie.

Mums were then invited back to school for a second helping of fun with a special Mother’s Day lunch.

More than 130 children and parents filled the school hall, and to a specially selected soundtrack of songs, starting with Stevie Wonder’s Isn’t She Lovely?, the children served a menu voted for by themselves of a roast turkey dinner, followed by magic chocolate sponge and chocolate custard.

“We were absolutely delighted with the number of parents who joined us on the day,” said Mr Birch.

“Our whole ethos is about creating a family atmosphere in school and having the children in school with their own families was just a natural extension of that.”

Dads, grandparents and aunties also joined the fun and with a bake sale after lunch and Ben Constantine spreading smiles with his joke box, the school raised almost £100 for Cominc Relief.

Following on from the fun and enjoyment of Comic Relief and Mother’s Day, things went out of this world for the school last week when teacher’s employed an unusual teaching aid to help children learn about the solar eclipse – a Jaffa Cake.

Teachers gave each pupil a Jaffa Cake to re-enact a famous advert for the snack in which the teacher was teaching her class about the eclipse by eating the Jaffa Cake into various shapes to replicate the moon.

The children began their day by watching the eclipse in their classrooms on television.

Each class, including reception, then had a full morning of activities surrounding the event, followed by a little bit of fun with the Jaffa Cakes in the afternoon.

“We take learning very seriously here but we also like chocolate, so any opportunity to combine the two makes us a happy school,” added Mr Birch.