Notts: Jobless figure falls by almost a quarter

Guardian News
Guardian News

Latest figures show that unemployment fell by nearly a quarter in Notts over the last year.

The Government statistics, which measure how many people are claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance, suggest an upturn in the job market.

In November this year 12,501 Notts residents were claiming unemployment benefit, 22.5 per cent fewer than November 2012.

The news was welcomed by business and employment leaders who said the underlying trend was ‘clearly positive’.

“It is encouraging that once again we have seen big falls in the number of JSA claimants across the region, although there could be some seasonality in these latest figures,” said George Cowcher, chief executive of the Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Chamber of Commerce.

“The January and February figures will be better indicators of the economy.”

“However, these figures continue to underline our own research which shows that business is more confident, is recruiting more and is investing more.”

“The key message continues to be that things are progressing well.”

David Kirkham, of the Nottinghamshire City and County Employment and Skills Board, said: “We are currently seeing the benefits of seasonal employment growth, but the underlying trend is clearly positive too. This reflects a growing confidence in the economy, with more businesses across a range of sectors recruiting or planning to recruit.”

“Challenges remain in being able to match the demands for skills from businesses in the region with the skills and aspirations of both young people and those people who have been unemployed for some considerable time.”

“There is however, growing evidence that apprenticeships and nascent traineeships are beginning to make a difference in the D2N2 area.”

The national unemployment rate now stands at 7.4 per cent, its lowest since 2009.