Notts: Jack and Amelia are the top names for babies in the county

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Jack and Amelia were the most popular baby names registered in Notts in the last 12 months, according to the County Council’s registration service.

Amelia was the top girl’s name for the previous 12 month period but Jack has risen from fourth place to steal the boy’s top spot from the previous leader Oliver.

New entries include Ruby, Sophie, Mia and Mason and names to have fallen out of the top ten include Evie, Grace, Riley and Charlie.

Most surprising, George was previously at number eight but has dropped out of the top10, despite the influence of Prince George who was born last July.

The top 10 boys names were: 1. Jack, 2.Harry, 3. Oliver, 4. Noah, 5. Oscar, 6. Alfie, 7. Jacob and James (joint), 9. Thomas, 10. Logan and Mason (joint).

The top 10 names for girls were: 1. Amelia, 2. Olivia, 3. Isla, 4. Poppy, 5. Ava, 6. Emily, 7. Ruby, 8. Sophie, 9. Freya, 10. Mia.

Coun Glynn Gilfoyle, chairman of the council’s community safety committee, said: “We are finding that more parents are selecting unique names.”

“Around two thirds of babies have been given a name with a spelling that is not shared by any other baby born in the county in the last year.”