Notts: Domestic violence victims are being urged to speak out

Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner for Nottinghamshire, Chris Cutland
Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner for Nottinghamshire, Chris Cutland

Vulnerable victims of domestic abuse are being urged to seek help and protection from the police this Christmas and not suffer in silence.

Anti-violence campaigner and Nottinghamshire’s Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner Chris Cutland said no one had a right to terrorise or harm another person in the guise of a relationship and promised victims that by coming forward they “would not be alone”.

Chris said: “One of the biggest fears among domestic violence victims is that once they report crime to the police that their safety will be further jeopardised and they will be left alone to pick up the pieces.

“This could not be further from the truth. Nottinghamshire Police works in conjunction with a host of emotional and practical support services to ensure vulnerable victims and their families are not only protected from an abuser and provided with a safe haven, but receive the help they need to rebuild their lives and their self-esteem.”

The Deputy Commissioner’s plea comes as new figures show that 179 people have been saved from a potentially abusive relationship in the county under Clare’s Law since the legislation was initially trialled in the county in 2012.

The Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme enables men and women to request information on the history of a partner to protect them from a potentially abusive relationship.

Research shows that on average, a victim will suffer 35 physical assaults before ever seeking help from the police which makes it very difficult for officers to intervene.

Chris added: “Christmas is a stressful time of year for many families, but especially those with a history of domestic violence. However, there is never an acceptable excuse for violence or aggression and I don’t want any woman or man to suffer in silence or fear being left in the cold.

“If you’re a victim of domestic violence this Christmas or indeed at any other time of the year, you can be assured that Nottinghamshire Police will listen to you, in confidence, take whatever action is necessary to protect you and your family and ensure robust action is taken against your abuser to prevent further harm.”