Notts & Derbys: County Councils get extra Government millions for pothole repairs

Councils have been given extra money for pothole repairs
Councils have been given extra money for pothole repairs

Notts and Derbyshire County Councils have both been given extra money by the Government to help boost their road pothole repair schemes.

Notts will receive an extra £2.7 million while Derbyshire will get an extra £2.48 million.

Notts’ funding comes on the top of an earlier grant of £1.5 million they received to repair roads damaged by floods and extreme weather over the past year.

It is estimated the extra funding will enable them to repair around 52,000 potholes.

“This is welcome news, coming as it does against a backdrop of £154 million of savings that we as an authority are having to make as a result of Government funding cuts,” said Coun Alan Rhodes, leader of Notts Council.

Coun Rhodes’ views were echoed by Coun Dean Collins, Derbyshire council’s deputy cabinet member for jobs, economy and transport.

“Potholes are a nuisance for all those who use the roads, and we’ve had our workers and contractors fixing them throughout the year,” he said.

“But although this cash is welcome it just won’t be enough to fix all the potholes that have appeared on our roads since the severe wet weather.”

“Hundreds of new potholes appear on our roads each week.”

“But we will step up our efforts to fix as many postholes as possible with this money from the Government, and by spending the money that we have set aside from our budgets.”